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Standard resuscitation programs have traditionally overlooked and lacked a plan for training the team leader.

Many healthcare organizations have been frustrated due to a lack of options for training team leaders. This has helped contribute to resuscitation rates not improving within the last decade and a 42% survival rate disparity between similar hospitals. Not having a properly trained team leader can lead to lack of coordination, increased chance for mistakes, and being reactive vs proactive. It’s vitally important organizations address gaps in training and provide options that engage their leaders while also increasing knowledge base and confidence.
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Team Leader VR utilizes virtual reality simulations to train leaders in their role during a resuscitation event. The result is a highly realistic yet safe environment in which to hone leadership skills during a resuscitation event. The program can be implemented on an individual basis and on the team leader’s timeline for maximum flexibility.

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Utilize engaging, immersive training in a safe environment


Team Leader VR Product

Program features

  • Virtual reality utilized in innovative, immersive scenarios to create a highly realistic – yet totally safe – training environment
  • Interactive, web-based education modules
  • Team-based, in-situ simulations
  • Facilitation guides and VR performance data for education facilitators
  • Scalable and flexible whole-team simulation that can be implemented on an individual basis


  • Focused on the team leader, a role often overlooked in traditional resuscitation training
  • “Room-scale” scenarios allow for physical movement, heightening the realism of training
  • Simulations for multiple levels of manikin fidelity
  • Adaptive content and advanced interactions with three VR simulations
  • Introductory VR tutorial to get clinicians up to speed in utilizing the technology

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Client Spotlight

We believe outstanding resuscitation training is essential—and improving the capabilities of clinical team leaders to coordinate and lead others as effectively as possible in a high-stress clinical situation may prove to be a contributing factor in improving resuscitation outcomes. Using a VR-based learning approach for this need is innovative and unique, but also engaging for all members of our clinical workforce.

Lynn T. Simon

President of Clinical Operations and Chief Medical Officer




In the pilot study, statistically significant confidence gains were indicated by participants after only one VR experience

As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Frustrated with the lack of training options for resuscitation team leaders?
  • Aware of gaps in training that could be hindering success rates?
  • Searching for a scalable training option?

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