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HealthStream User Groups (HUGs) are all about you – our administrators and key stakeholders that closely collaborate with us to improve outcomes, streamline processes, and inspire life-long learners. As the platform trusted by more than 70% of U.S. healthcare organizations, our quarterly HUGs connect you with your peers at the local level, as well as nationally via Special Interest Groups (SIGs), exclusive webinars, and conferences. 

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Special Interest Groups

Your local HUG provides a forum to connect with other healthcare professionals specializing in education, training, HR, clinical development, instructional design, and more. 

Our SIGs supplement these “anything and everything” forums by offering targeted sessions for networking and strategizing with your peers that manage or support these programs or initiatives:
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Online Course Development

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Performance Reviews


Competencies & Skills Checks

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HIM/Revenue Cycle/Reimbursement

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  • Groups are led by 1 – 2 administrators, just like you, to help ensure each session’s topics are valuable.
  • Direct communication is important to us, and every member has the opportunity to share successes, submit questions, and request discussion topics. 
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