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Improve care quality

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Enhance efficiency

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Reduce financial risks

Improvement can be simple with the right healthcare quality management software.

HealthStream’s Quality Manager provides leaders with a well-rounded quality management solution (QMS) designed to pinpoint areas for improvement and/or deficiencies, empowering you to know where to focus your team’s time to meet regulations and/or prepare for survey. Quality Manager enables you to make smarter, faster decisions for you and your team, saving you time and money with decisions backed by your very own data. 

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Support for every role


Skilled Nursing Facilities

    • Quality Assessment & Continuous Improvement (QAPI) Tools
    • Mock surveys with 96% certainty of which residents surveyors will be speaking to, guided questions to prepare
    • Action indicators to help identify issues prior to audit




Acute Care

    • Accurately focus your team’s time towards PIP completion
    • Standardize communication and location of collected information
    • Test programs before they become policies for optimal results



Leverage HealthStream Quality Manager to:

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Identify areas of concern

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Remediate issues and deficiencies

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Improve results and quality of care

Quality assurance & performance improvement is easier than ever before



Build a culture of quality & sustainability with healthcare quality management

Quality improvements made simple.

HealthStream’s Quality Manager allows your team to easily pinpoint areas in need of improvement, save time on cumbersome paperwork and data comprehension, and get back to what matters most - care.

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