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Create stable staffing assignments based on real-time data

Improve Resuscitation proficiency_LB

Seamlessly manage workload imbalances and proper ratios

Increase productivity_P

Elevate care for staff and patients using reliable, transparent information

Safe staffing made simple

When it comes to ensuring safe staffing and quality care, Acuity & Assignment Manager makes it easy. By leveraging your facility’s unique data, this innovative solution meets the specific needs of your team and department.

Keep your staff prepared and supported by leveraging data and continuous forecasting

  • Eliminate labor-intensive manual calculations by streamlining and digitizing patient assessments. 
  • Use up-to-date staffing information, from ShiftWizard™ or ANSOS™, alongside demographic data, pulled directly from your facility’s EMR, such as Epic or Cerner, to create equitable staffing assignments based on skillsets, credentials, and regulatory requirements.
  • Quickly change course as patient influx and staff workload ebb and flow by viewing patient acuity levels and total census side by side with real-time info.
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Preparation and flexibility go hand in hand

Now is the time to leverage your department's data, elevate patient care, and boost your staff support. By combining patient acuity levels with staff and resource levels, you’ll be able to create a new level of transparency and forecasting for your entire team.

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Streamline your process; support your staff

Allow us to show you an in-depth tutorial on this innovative healthcare technology. The simple transition to Acuity and Assignment Manager can save you and your team hours of time, frustration, and wasted resources. 

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