Prepare for the unexpected and optimize patient flow with HealthStream’s Operational Intelligence Solutions

To provide the highest quality of care to your patients, you need tools and resources to keep your staff and care facilities prepared and supported, no matter the influx or patient flow.

HealthStream’s Operational Intelligence has been carefully designed to elevate patient safety, optimize patient flow, and increase productivity. By providing real-time patient status and predictive analytics, our tools use machine-learning technology to help you achieve optimal capacity management to ensure the highest quality patient care.

Designed for hospitals and healthcare systems, Enterprise Visibility works to equip you with the data needed to achieve optimal preparation in order to improve patient flow, hospital wide. Enterprise Visibility provides real-time patient status and data so your healthcare team can accurately and efficiently create an optimized patient flow; leading to fewer waiting patients, less strain on your facilities, and overall improved patient satisfaction.

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HealthStream's Operational Intelligence Solutions:

  • Enables health systems to accurately forecast daily patient demand through sophisticated data modeling for maximized capacity.
  • Improves resource alignment, and safer care — even during periods of unexpected demand — while communicating the patient care progression to every stakeholder.

The nature of healthcare is unpredictable and can lead to life-or-death situations. It’s our goal to help you, your staff, and your facilities prepare for anything with our Operational Intelligence Solutions. When it comes to patient safety and care, you have the highest standards, and regarding the safety and well-being of your staff, you have uncompromising expectations, by having the tools to better predict patient flow and patient demand you can ensure you’re meeting both, all while improving your systems and optimizing your facilities.

Enterprise Visibility by HealthStream

Enterprise Visibility

By providing real-time patient status, Enterprise Visibility helps healthcare providers ensure an efficient, effective and safe patient journey from admission to discharge by reducing delays, bottlenecks, and variances in patient care.

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