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Are you creating quality content that keeps your learners engaged?

Employees shouldn’t have to go to external sources such as YouTube because they don’t have access to relevant, high-quality, company-approved content. HealthStream Video Platform allows you to create a YouTube-like experience on a centralized, secure platform.
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Healthcare learning & education leaders can leverage video platform to:

Create a more engaged workforce_G

Increase learner engagement

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Streamline authoring workflow

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Support informal and social learning


Video Hosting

Program Features

  • Configurable branding.
  • Enterprise-grade SSO login security from your LMS.
  • Access to Video Basic or Video+ toolset and My Media inside the platform.
  • Organize content into galleries, member/subscriber channels, and playlists.
  • Add social elements by enabling comments, shares, and likes.
  • Identify trusted contributors.
  • Empower communities to upload and manage their own media.

Package Options

  • Video Basic is great for organizations that need up to 1TB of combined monthly storage and streaming. Video Basic has a simple built-in editor for trimming videos, a bookmarking feature for creating chapters or sections throughout your longer videos, and an SRT file upload function for closed captions.
  • Video+ is great for organizations that need up to 5TB of combined monthly storage and streaming. It contains the entire Video Basic package plus a video quiz question editor for adding true/false, multiple choice, open response, or reflection questions throughout your videos. Also, use the built-in webcam and screen capture recorder for creating videos directly within the application.
  • Video+ Unlimited is great for organizations that want Video+ and need unlimited TB of combined monthly storage and streaming. This is for organizations that have many videos and active viewers per month.

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of workforce will be made up of millennials by 2030


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of employees are more likely to watch a video than to read text

As a healthcare leader, are you looking to:

  • Create engaging content?
  • Provide engaging content on demand?
  • Streamline communication and access to information?
  • Provide rapid on-boarding and training?

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Find out how HealthStream Video Platform can streamline your organization’s learning and communication initiatives all while engaging your staff.