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Improve Learner Experience

Is your staff disengaged from taking the same training year after year?

KnowledgeQ by HealthStream presents federally required training in an engaging way to improve your learner’s experience by giving them credit for existing knowledge. It also manages compliance risk by focusing on knowledge gaps, and gives time back to your people to focus on their patients and furthering themselves.

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A dynamic approach to training

KnowledgeQ introduces an adaptive approach to learning, allowing personalized paths to be tailored for an individual based on existing knowledge.

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Compliance leaders can leverage KnowledgeQ to:


Ensure compliance with annual training requirements


Build workforce competency

Create a more engaged workforce_G

Improve learner engagement


KnowledgeQ-Annual Mandatory Training Product

Personalize learning

  • Individualized to recognize unique employee learning needs
  • Award credit for existing knowledge
  • Identify learning opportunities and knowledge gaps to deliver dynamic training

Be confident in compliance

  • Ensure organizational training requirements are met
  • Support training for confident care
  • Improve time to competency for cost reductions

Improve staff engagement & satisfaction

  • Efficiently use organizational resources
  • Optimized micro-learning for mobile access
  • Maximize learning retention through content customization KEY

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Client Spotlight

"An innovative and fresh new take on mandatory education. HealthStream has done an excellent job integrating both adult learning and generational preferences, to create a dynamic, intuitive, and interactive experience for the learner."

Courtney A. Cook, MSN-Ed, RN

Corporate Director, McLaren University

McLaren Health Care


Healthcare workers have to take annual training


Average number of hours each employee spends on annual training


Average number of courses each employee completes during annual training

As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Tired of inefficient training plans?
  • Nervous about whether your training plan is covering all requirements?
  • Looking for ways to save time?
  • Trying to find ways to engage your learners?

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Find out how KnowledgeQ can transform your annual mandatory training.