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Enhance patient safety

Reduce Risk_C

Reduce risk

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Ensure competence in healthcare quality

Quality education aligned with industry standards

Now more than ever, organizations need to advance and scale their quality priorities. Many of the challenges facing healthcare today must be addressed by your staff. Feel confident knowing your workforce is ready to address challenges and protect your organization.


If you’re looking to improve your organization’s quality and safety efforts, ask yourself...

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Do we have the workforce?

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Is the workforce engaged?

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Is the workforce appropriately skilled?

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Are we able to retain this workforce?

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Shift passive employment to active engagement

NAHQ is the leading source for competency-based healthcare quality training, with a mission to prepare a coordinated, competent workforce to lead and advance healthcare quality across the continuum.

HQ Concepts

For frontline staff

Implement sustainable change in quality processes, reducing risk.

HQ Principles

For newer professionals

Develop knowledge of healthcare quality and patient safety.

CPHQ Certification Prep

For experienced professionals

Develop knowledge of healthcare quality and patient safety.






skills statement

Stratified by Foundational, Proficient, and Advanced

As a healthcare leader, are you...

  • Uncertain your staff is consistently providing competent care?
  • Frustrated about how to properly execute and scale a competency strategy
  • Struggling to establish a shared vocabulary and toolkit to standardize your approach to quality?
  • Looking for new methods to develop and up-skill your team to deliver on quality?

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